Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to the races

In the voting down below, we are one vote shy of 100 after barely a day of polling. Good to see the interest!!

There was some complaint that Bernard Lord is not on the list. As I explained, that is largely because of a technical limitation with the poll but also because as incumbents are excluded and he has barely left office I didn't bother to shop around for another polling provider. If sufficient folks comment asking for him to be in, I'll add him as a bye in round 2.

Preliminary polls are now open in New Brunswick (obviously), and also in Ontario. Perhaps anxious to get their polls closed first for a change, the actual vote has begun in British Columbia. Candidates are being nominated in Prince Edward Island. Watch Calgary Grit to see others as they come online.

PLEASE NOTE my qualifying poll will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 20. Not long thereafter, we'll move into voting for the real prize.


Kit said...

I actually wanted to support the poll, not complain.

nbpolitico said...

I know you were supportive of the poll and I appreciated the link.

However, nothing is perfect and you seemed to think the exclusion of Lord is an error. If that is the case, I am happy to include him as I want this to be as fair and open as possible.

Kit said...

No not really. While my preference tend towards the Tory's, his was a caretaker government. And given the performance of those left behind in opposition this last year, including those who jumped ship, a pretty shallow one.
Not a remarkable tenure at all - with the exception of the size of his first majority.

I only mentioned it because you site his government as one of the key reasons you are a Liberal and why you blog... so perhaps for that reason alone you might want to include him.

nbpolitico said...

I certainly do not want to seem biased. Perhaps I will put him in the next poll if only to amuse myself when I see him go down in flames ;)