Monday, July 16, 2007

Best Premier: Qualifying round

PLEASE NOTE, this round of voting has closed, please see the next round here.

Calgary Grit has annointed Politics from a New Brunswick perspective as the host of the New Brunswick round of "The Search for Canada's Best Premier".

Further to the discussion below, I've decided in order to best narrow the field to the five to six candidates CG has requested, I am putting up a poll of all 20 men to have won elections and subsequently served as premier of New Brunswick - since responsible government began in 1854 and through to Frank McKenna. Our two most recent premiers, Bernard Lord and Shawn Graham, have been excluded because a) it is too soon to fairly and even handedly judge their legacies and b) the poll will only allow 20 options...

I wrote up bios of my eight picks and you may feel free to read those. My picks are also denoted by asterisks (*) on the poll. Vote for up to 6, and the top 6 vote getters will be advancing to the real vote. In the event of a tie between sixth and seventh place, both will be dropped and only 5 will advance.

Vote away...

UPDATE: The B.C. contest has started over at Rob's Random Thoughts, check it out.

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