Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two comments from today's press

The New Brunswick Business Council, made up of the likes of New Brunswick super-businessmen David Ganong, Jim Irving, Allison McCain and Derek Oland, released a report yesterday making some recommendations to the Self-Sufficiency Task Force.

It is no secret that I am a fan of the concept behind Self-Sufficiency. It is a noble goal and something worth reaching for and I commend our big business people, who are doing just fine and don't really need to participate in this important debate, for taking the time to try to help move New Brunswick forward. Gents, this New Brunswicker appreciates your dedication to our province.


In the Gleaner and the T&T there is a big puff piece by Campbell Morrison about the New Brunswick Greens organizing for the federal election. In a relatively long article (438 words) he didn't both to devote one sentence to the fact that the Greens pledged about 6 months ago to found a party here in New Brunswick for provincial elections and that we haven't heard a peep since. I renew my challenge to menacing New Brunswickers - it would only take 10 of you - to found your own Green Party and hold the name for the lazy/disorganized bunch who haven't got around to it. Perhaps if the NDP is listening, this would be a really smart move for them.

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