Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paul Zed, rising star?

Stéphane Dion has appointed Paul Zed, in addition to his responsibilities as Cities Critic in the Shadow Cabinet, as his caucus advisor for New Brunswick; akin to political minister. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

That being said it may also be of interest that Gary Merasty and not Ralph Goodale holds that position in Saskatchewan

nbpolitico said...

Which stands to reason - there are two MPs from Saskatchewan in the Liberal Caucus. Goodale is house leader and a senior member of Dion's inner priorities and planning committee.

You need to spread some of the wealth around and Dion will still be getting lots of advice from Goodale in his other roles.

nuna d. above said...

The Hill Times once referred to Zed as "the MP all the other MP's love to hate". Zed's clipping service photocopied the article because it had Zed's name in it, and it was sent out in a mailer to his riding.
At least they didn't send out the Frank magazine article that referred to Zed as "the New Brunswick rat-fucker."