Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jack Layton pulling in the tradtional NDP farm vote

In my earlier post about how big of a loser Jack Layton was, I mentioned he was completely out of touch with the traditional NDP base in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Case and point.

(h/t Kinsella via CalgaryGrit)


harrap said...

Ah good ol' Jack ;)

I just wanted to thank you again for the good bye message and for all your great comments and insights.

Jack Layton said...

As if! I rock.

nbpolitico said...


You wish you were cool, Jack.

Rose Colored Glasses said...

Someone told me today that Jack Layton was out in Brandon, Man and was speaking to farmers at an event regarding Madcow disease (BSE) and throughout his speech kept referring to it as SARS. A farmer finally stood up to try to tell him the difference and he still didn't get it.

nbpolitico said...

That's what this post is about if your follow the link. Worst think is it wasn't just any farmer, it was the farmer who also happens the NDP Minister of Agriculture in Manitoba!!!

Anonymous said...

You'd think Jack was the only politician to put his foot in his mouth, politicians are an agricultural species who often suffer 'foot n mouth disease'. Chretien had more gaffes than Bush (when you could understand him)

You can see how the rumour mill operates though, in the article it says the person tried to correct him but Jack didn't hear him. It certainly wasn't the case that he 'tried to explain it to him but he didn't understand'. Jack is from Toronto, he knows full well what SARS is, and isn't. When you give speeches all day everyday stuff like that happens.

It's a funny anecdote, it isn't anything more than that (and I don't even like Jack or vote NDP).

nbpolitico said...

anon - I agree it is obviously a brain fart and not an actual misunderstanding, however it is the kind of mistake that will get recounted to farmers at the door in the next election by Liberal and Conservative candidates a like and cost the NDP even more votes than Layton's urban preoccupation already has.