Monday, February 03, 2014

Fun with maps

On Saturday afternoon, the CBC's Dan McHardie tweeted out a cool map on Twitter. I went into fun-with-maps overdrive...

I haven't quite shaken the bug. Here are a couple more which I find highly interesting.

First Canadian provinces as American states with comparable GDP (PEI and the territories have economies far smaller than any U.S. state so they're not labeled):

Then Canadian provinces as American states with comparable GDP-per-capita ratios. This one was fascinating. Six of the 13 provinces and territories are at about the same level or richer than Delaware, the richest American state (as measured by GDP-per-capita). Even Canada's "poor" provinces New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI hold up pretty well. New Brunswick lines up with California. Nova Scotians and P.E. Islanders are on average richer than Texans.

Fun with maps is almost as fun as fun with numbers!

Here is a revised version of the first map, with an explanation of what it is in case it finds itself floating in the internet without its explanatory tweet:

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