Tuesday, January 06, 2009

130 teams on frozen pond

In a few weeks, Plaster Rock, New Brunswick will host players and fans from around the globe for the 8th annual World Pond Hockey Championships.

There will be 130 teams, representing 12 countries and four continents. It is quite an amazing feat for a small milltown struggling with the downturn in the forestry sector.
  • There are 76 teams from Canada, including 37 from New Brunswick.
  • There are 43 teams from the USA, including teams from as far away as Arizona, Oregon and Puerto Rico.
  • There are 6 teams from Europe and three from the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico).
  • Egypt's team represents Africa and Brazil represents South America.
Be there, or be square. February 19-22, 2009, featuring the Stanley Cup on the 19th.

For more information:
WPHC website
A great 2004 profile from the New York Times


Babar said...
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nbpolitico said...

I would say that that is more than a bit off topic, but I would direct you to the post I wrote just over a year ago indicating my withdrawal from commenting on New Brunswick politics.

More specifically, in response to a follow up question I said:

"My departure from commenting on NB politics has ZERO to do with the positions or actions of any political party. It is the result of a personal decision on my part to withdraw from partisanship for the time being due to some events in my personal life."