Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Quite a zinger from the president of Fox News with respect to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards who have derailed several debates organized by Democratic Party arms to be aired by the network:

“The candidates that can’t face Fox, can’t face Al Qaeda,” said Mr. Ailes. “And that’s what’s coming.”


Spinks said...

Bypassing Fox isn't all that wise. What most people in Canada don't realize is that FoxNews trounces CNN in the ratings in the United States(worldwide is a different matter). Fox has a lot of viewers but the Democrats have instead chosen to simply ignore that.

Is FoxNews biased? They give conservative ideals a fair shake as opposed to other networks so in that light it probably appears so but I haven't seen anything worse than say the liberal bias at CBC in Canada. Arguably Fox is probably more even keeled than CBC because they at least hire some liberal voices.

Anonymous said...

Spinks,more people buy "Playboy" or gossip newspapers than Washington Times. Does that make Playboy and 'gossip newspapers' better source of news? I hope not. Ratings is not the everything if you're correct about Fox.

CNN is lousy too. CBC has more realistic/objective news and some Americans, on east coast, prefer it over CNN.

richard said...

"candidates that can’t face Fox, can’t face Al Qaeda"

Is Ailes equating Fox with a terrorist organization? Sounds appropriate.

Given recent polling in the U.S., I would say Fox's views on things are not relevant. And their ratings are in decline.

"They give conservative ideals a fair shake"

Wrong again. Fox is not a conservative organization; Fox is a propaganda outlet for radical right-wing organizations. Fox has nothing in common with true conservatives, certainly not of the historical Canadian variety. They certainly don't give anyone's 'ideals' a fair shake.

Kit said...

"CBC has more realistic/objective news..."
Well I suppose it depends on your point of view. Spinks did post some stats about current CBC viewership that tell a different story - apparently an unrealistic and subjective one. If Mr. Rogers (Ted to his friends) would provide FOX in my neighbourhood, I'd be watchin' it as I rubbed my red neck and breathed through my mouth.

Anonymous said...

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mikel said...

The reality is that Fox simply is the republican network, they've proved that over and over again. So why would democrats want to be on a network that would just cheese off democrats?

The CBC is only 'liberal' if you are as conservative as spinks and in the specific way that spinks is. The CBC covers tons of 'agenda issues', but spinks just pinpoints the very specific 'core values' that he pays attention to. So in today's paper they are looking at what the tories are saying about the liberals green plan. If they were 'liberal' then they wouldn't be criticizing liberal policy.

If you haven't seen 'outfoxed' then definitely go to youtube and start watching. Fox used to do decent comedy, but I even suspect that Arrested Development was cancelled more for its politics than its ratings. Ratings are very carefully scrutinized in the US and the number of democrats watching fox barely even registers.

For them to make a statement like they did just makes them look even more like what they look like to most of the world, which is Bush & Cheney's Riefenstahl. However, you can hear the viewers sitting at home going 'yeah! you tell em!' And in the end they cater to who watches them, not who doesn't.

CNN though doesn't even compare, they are simply different corporate owners. The other side of the spectrum is stuff online like 'democracy now'.

Spinks said...

...and FoxNews is only conservative if you're liberal as MikeL. :) Seriously though, at least FoxNews has some liberal commentators. Who's the conservative voice on CBC? Sheesh they hired the far-leftie Heather Mallick to offer on-line commentary. That's not exactly helping the leftie image of the Mother Corp.

Anonymous said...

NB politico, where are you. Nothing on Mike Murphy closing down swingers' club. Holier than though!

Where can I get membership to such a club ;)

Eugene said...

lol! I doubt bloggers are very high on their recruitment lists....

nbpolitico said...

Sorry, I've been busy. I was going to write one on the Atlantic Accord but Eugene took the words right out of my mouth ;)