Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wacko prediction of the day

Since my track record is already awful in terms of predictions, when I have a whim like this, I don't mind posting it because my reputation can't get any lower!

Jean Charest will win a narrow majority in early elections in July.

UPDATE: Sources tell me that members of the PQ leadership are avid readers of this blog and, having read this prediction and knowing of my impressive track record on political pontification, cut a deal with Charest to avoid seeing him win a majority.


KC said...

Not. A. Chance. Mr. Charest's best before date has already passed.

My prediction: Jean Charest might be lucky enough to hold on to what he has but even that is doubtful.

Anonymous said...

With a new PQ leader, Charest may be out of luck.

daniel said...

My predicton: Dumont wins a minority government, Charest finishes third.

Autism Reality NB said...

When I saw your thread title "Wacko prediction of the day" I thought it was a reference to my Stanley Cup prediction that Ottawa would win the Cup 4 games to 2.

Anonymous said...

Can't as wacko as this claim by a youthful Denis Coderre: